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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Welcome to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Solutions Blog. The STEM Solutions weblog is operated by the STEM Education Center, our motto being “Write it so They Can Read It.” Dr. David Wojick, with his Associates began this weblog as an extension of their efforts at the STEM Education Center, which focus on the identification, writing, and ability to search for STEM material by grade level.

At this weblog you will find ongoing discussions of STEM challenges, Grade Level Stratification (GLS) information, state educational standard issues and current topics. You are invited to participate in the discussions, and we encourage you to also suggest topics for discussion. Your ideas are most certainly welcome.

The STEM Education Center is located in the Northwestern part of the Shenandoah Valley. It is here, that David and his team of experts on the grade level aspects of STEM educational content operate. Dr. Wojick and his Associates found early on in their research that web-based educational content is being developed in vast numbers throughout both the scientific community and the educational world. The problem with that is there is no search engine that finds educational content by grade level or degree of difficulty. This is the problem the team at the STEM Education Center is solving through the development of their new grade level stratification (GLS) system for finding, collecting and stratifying STEM educational content on the Web, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The STEM Education Center efforts are ever expanding. Find out more about our efforts and discoveries at our STEM Education Center site.

Now just a little about our team:

Dr. Wojick, the Principal Investigator, is an expert on the Web-based diffusion of scientific knowledge and the concept structure of science and technology.

Diane Adams is a Web designer and research expert. Dr. Wojick and Diane Adams have conducted or participated in a number of large-scale projects that required developing new methods of search and analysis, in the context of real world applications. Much of this work has been done for the Federal government.

Bernadette Monahan is a science teacher who specializes in educational technology and collecting science education Web content. She is presently the Co-director and Lead Research Consultant for the Stem Education Center.

Georgia Perry-Ray is the Center’s Regulatory Analyst and Communications Specialist. Georgia has extensive regulatory experience as a retired Program Analyst of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) where she had responsibility for the development and implementation of nationwide policy and procedures.

Kenneth Ray, our IT Specialist, performs the tedious IT support tasks for which we are all thankful.

Additional Associates include the teacher consultant team for the Center, Cristin Livingston, Jennifer Arey Paschke and Heather Bachschmid Smelser whose expertise has been invaluable determining the Grade Level Stratification of state science standards and the analysis of those differences.

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